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Monday, April 14, 2014

House of Humerus @ Mahsa Carnival 2014

Harlorhhh my dear readers, how was everyone's weekend? It was a rare occassion that my last weekend was jam-packed with events and carnivals (was such a couch potato in the fast few months) but I'm not complaining because I was definitely enjoying myself. 

And finally I'm officially introducing our online shop for the very first time- House of Humerus! *throws confetti* House of Humerus is an online shop set up by me, Christy and Jacqueline last year selling mostly accessories and clothing apparels selected by all of us. Our Instagram followers have been steadily increasing and we decided to rent a booth at our university carnival to sell our ready stock items! The event was a great success as we managed to sell most of our accessories and there were people who admired our carefully selected accessories by exclaiming in admiration. We could not be more happier that day as there were tons of people supporting us throughout the carnival =')

 House of Humerus first pop-up store at Mahsa Carnival 2014 held on 12th April 2014, Saturday. 

Blessed to have these friends who share the same passion with me by my side!

Lovely cardboard banners bearing our shop name made by Christy and Jac. 

Cash vouchers to be included in the lucky draw box made by me!

There were certain accessories which were selling like hotcakes including the infinity bracelet, the edgy black necklace, snake earrings and tribal earrings. Most of the accessories are still available for preorder and some still have ready stock so do contact us if you are interested! ; )

Handmade ring slots made by Christy and Jac as well. Such genius design!

Slightly higher priced necklaces were pinned up on the cork board brought by yours truly.

More eye candy accessories from us!

Jac Jac who was pretending to be shy behind the booth haha.

We were also selling some pre-loved clothes and new sweaters and skirts from House of Humerus.

There were tons of activities going on at the Mahsa Carnival as well. Christy got caught up with the mini version of Escape Room. Do check out her blog to see if she blogs about it haha.

Remember to follow us on instagram @houseofhumerus to spice up your daily outfit with our super cheap and chic accessories!
Lastly, an edited photo using photoshop. Do you like edited photos better?


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Artisan Roast @ Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya

Recently watched the funny video made by Jane Chuck and her friends titled 'How Girls Drink Coffee' which reveals the ugly truth behind how girls drink their coffee these days. Unfortunately, the video does remind me of how Hui Ming and I were so obsessed with setting up the background and adjusting the lighting in order to produce the best 'Pinterest' type of artistic photos. It couldn't hide the fact that our purpose of visiting coffee shops is more than just drinking coffee. 

We went to the garage style Artisan Roast which is located in a remote area of Seksyen 13.

Light bulbs connected to steel pipes which are used as table light in order to convey the garage feel. Not sure if the light bulbs are really working, but if they do, I'm sure the dim light emitted by the light bulb will create a unique romantic atmosphere at night.


Main photoshoot item of the day: Numeral Biscuits brought by Hui Ming.

And now enjoy the hard work that we have put together in to order to come out with the photos below.

Ahh this photo is slightly overexposed #failed.

Can you guess the meaning of the numbers in the photo? =D

CSY: 'Don't you sink while we are still trying to take the best shot of you.' Apparently was imagining a conversation between the coffee milk foam and myself in the head.

CSY: Gahhhh the once silky smooth foam now had ugly air bubbles forming on it. Such low endurance. Couldn't you just wait.

We even converted the images into GIF file and created cute animations.
 photo gifimg_7564_526F672C_zps78aca152.gif
Timid number cookies go into hiding as the huge lens monster was looking at them with intense hunger.

 photo gifimg_7554_526F672C_zps953d686e.gif
25th November is the anniversary of CYK & CSY (Hubby and I) and we have known each other since 2011. <3

Overall, the coffee shop has nice ambience but we were disappointed with the absence of cakes especially their famous cheese cake. We were told that there were no cakes for that day and had to wait for the next day.

Artisan Roast
Jalan 13/2, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-7931 8978


Monday, April 7, 2014

Guardian - My Date With Beauty

Hi readers! I know I rarely blog about beauty-related events which I seldom join. Well, I'm not even qualified to be a beauty blogger to begin with. However, the Great Guardian Makeover is one of the events that I have joined recently in an effort to claim the beauty blogger title haha. Ehem, actually the truth is I decided to join the event because the venue was near my place and I was so tempted by the makeover session.

The Great Guardian Makeover is a beauty event organised by Guardian, the leading pharmacy, health and beauty retail chain in Malaysia, to make ladies feel good from the inside out. The yearly event started since 2008, and has been very successful till now. Themed "My Date with Beauty", this year's Great Guardian Makeover was held at One Utama Shopping Centre. Bloggers of the event were given a makeover by A Cut Above Academy, a super awesome goodies bag, a RM50 Guardian voucher and a personalized photo to bring home.

Besides media bloggers, there are benefits for walk-in customers too as customers who purchased RM20 and above including one participating brand in a single reciept were also entitled to one makeover ticket at RM10 to join the Great Guardian Makeover Event. Each Makeover Ticket entitled the customer to a makeover session, a photo session and a goody bag. 18 brands participated in this year's event including L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline New York, Alcon, Avene, Bio Essence, BioGrow Oat BG22, Biore, Blackmores, Brands, Dermatix, Enchanteur, Hada Labo, Nano White, Neutrogena, Nivea, Oslee, Palmer's and Safi.

That's true that's true haha.

This year's theme colour was obviously pink.

A group of energetic dancers in vibrant outfit to heat up the atmosphere by dancing to William Pharrell's hit song, 'Happy'. I guess the purpose is to bring up the important message of being happy with just the way you are.

Shake it shake it.

Stylists from A Cut Above Academy are also included in the group photo session with the representatives of Guardian Malaysia and the dancers.

Representatives from Guardian Malaysia and various participating brands.

Photobooth for the participants pose with cute and funny props. In conjunction with the Great Guardian Makeover, there are also two online contests - a Photobox contest on Facebook and an Instagram contest. The contest period is from 5th April to 30th April. For the Photobox contest, participants are to pose creatively with the given props at this photobooth, LIKE the Guardian facebook page and look for your photo in the "Photo Box Contest" album. Tag yourself on the photo and upload it as your Facebook profile picture. The lucky winner wins a Designer Bag worth RM1,640.

<3 <3 <3

On the Instagram Contest, participants need to follow Guardian on Instagram at #guardianmalaysia, snap a selfie and submit the photo and in not more than 20 words tell Guardian "What makes you beautiful". Tag @guardianmalaysia and #GuardianBeauties and you are on your way to win a Designer Bag worth RM1,140.

Kawaii model introducing new Japanese haircare product.

Maybelline booth!

Took a picture with a hairstylist who decided to straighten my hair with slight inward curves at the end. I love it when my hair is sleek and shiny after straightening without the annoying fuzziness.

Media bloggers are invited to Dave Deli's for a refreshment session. I was delighted to see my favourite Foot Long Sausage on the menu. I used to order this whenever I went to Dave Deli's when I was young.

Generous portion of sausage, mashed potatoes, garden salad and coleslaw.

Look at my sleek and shining hair! Does it remind you of Cheong Soong Yi from the hit Korean drama 'You Who Came From Another Star'? Haha I know I'm far from it but I just mad love this hairstyle. Too bad it would't stay the same without me putting the effort to learn how to manage and style my hair.

Group selfie with Christy and Shermin after the makeover session.

Coffee with Christy at Seven Cups, Damansara Perdana. The Hot Mocha that Christy ordered was surprisingly good! It tastes like bitter sweet dark chocolate if you know what I mean ; ) Would love to order this again the next time I drop by =)

Hot chocolate for me to avoid the caffeine intoxication.

Love the blue wallpaper at the back which matches well with my outfit. Haha.

The rest are some random photoshoot of the new commercial area situated at Damansara Perdana.

#OOTD Blue denim jacket, military singlet and leather pants from House of Humerus.

Do you like my 'emo' themed photoshoot? Christy said it looked like some horror movie poster and named it 'The Unrented' Haha.

 Lastly, it's time to reveal the contents of the awesome goodies bag that we had received earlier at the event. Tadaa! Was surprised by the generosity and the variety of items given. =) Thanks Guardian Malaysia and Butterfly Project Malaysia for the opportunity to receive such great products.

My favourite items from the goodies bag would be Oslee Honey Sugar Mask (skin does feel really smooth and the pores are less visible after application), Palmer's Hydrating Gel Lotion, Blackmores supplements, Avene's Skin Whitening Range and L'Oreal Shampoo for colour damaged hair.

That's all for today!